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Dear guests

Given the unprecedented circumstances we are all facing and in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Greek government has taken all necessary measures and some of them concern the tourism industry.

Prior to flight or departure from your home

Beginning July 1, 2020, the Greek government has determined how the country will welcome travellers, carry out the necessary diagnostic screening and keep everyone safe throughout the season.

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is a key element in the planning. All travellers are obliged to complete their PLF at least 48 hours before entering the country, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of your stay while in Greece.

Please click on the link in order to obtain your PLF.



Please click here for latest updates for travel to Greece


Health & Safety

Portes Beach Hotel’s mission has always been to offer its guests supreme hospitality services by demonstrating a high level of responsibility towards people, society and the natural environment. Now, more than ever, we stay focused on this mission. We stay informed following the World Health Organization’s recommendations and the National Public Health Organization's updates and we fully comply with the state’s directions by applying all preventative measures. We already act proactively by doing everything needed to offer our guests a completely safe environment and a concern-free stay as soon as our hotel starts its operation. We reassure you that following the official directions, all health measures on hygiene and cleaning are and will be kept thoroughly by specifically trained personnel throughout the season and include everything from handwashing hygiene and cleaning product specifications to guest room and common area cleaning procedures.

Additional measures include:

  • Continuous communication with our staff to reinforce our sanitization safety procedures in both front-of-house and back-of-house areas.
  • Public surfaces such as front desk, restaurant counters, and dining tables are cleaned multiple times throughout the day. Public touchpoints, such as handrails, railings, elevators buttons, door handles, and knobs, are also cleaned frequently throughout the day along with activities center areas and surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer is located throughout public and back-of-house locations, such as lobby, outlets, restrooms and work areas. Sanitizers are refilled and checked regularly.
  • Food at buffet restaurants is being presented and served in a manner that supports overall health and wellness.
  • All departments have implemented hand washing or hygiene procedures to take place multiple times during the staff shift.
  • For guests who may feel unwell, we have detailed protocols developed. And if at any point a guest feels ill, they will be asked to return to their room and contact the front desk.


Given the new situation caused by Covid-19, we are working to ensure our customers’ wellbeing and peace of mind. Please be aware that, in order to meet our country’s hygiene requirements, there may be some changes to our services or facilities that differ from what is described on the website. Please be aware that all the changes that may occur are only to ensure our customers’ wellbeing and peace of mind.

By booking a stay with Portes Beach Hotel you are expressing your acceptance that some of the hotel’s services or facilities may differ from those described on the website.



Your confidence and support are sincerely appreciated!

We look forward to welcoming you to our property at your earliest convenience!





Portes Beach Hotel

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